We offer various goldsmith services, such as:

Jewelry cleansing

Jewelry repair

Jewelry refreshment

Resizing rings

Custom made jewelry, we create jewelry by your design with your materials

We resize watchbands and sell genuine leather watchbands, also change the battery

LuxMartin TM artisan jewelry on sale

Engagement -, wedding-, graduation, seal rings

Pendants, tie clips, cufflinks

Laser repairs

Glasses repairs

Gold, silver hallmark assessment

Gold-plating, rhodium-plating, silvering

Manual engraving, electroengraving:

–          On metal – watches, locks etc

–          Gold, silver – rings, spoons, cufflinks, pendants, firestarters, bracelets

Gemstones on sale/gemstone replacement and setting

Artisan filigree on sale/custom made artisan filigree